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Jared, Jeni, Logan, and Delilah

What is Translucency?

Translucency is my one-man software development effort. I've worked in IT for several years, but very little of that time was actually in software development. I taught myself PowerShell in late 2013 for use at work in a systems analyst position. PowerShell led to other scripting languages, scripting led to programming, and pretty soon I was creating GUI-based tools for myself and other IT staff.

I enjoyed creating these little applications so much that I started learning C# and working with Visual Studio at home. Shortly after starting the Photo Manager project, I realized I wanted to share my creations online, and thus Translucency was born.

Why the name Translucency?

The idea behind it was being transparent to the public. A lot of companies have adopted the concept of transparency in recent years, and I want to fully embrace it as well. I couldn't find an available "Transparency" domain, though. And Translucency sounded cooler anyway. So there you have it.

Who are you?

Hi! My name is Jared. I live in Salem, Oregon, with my beautiful wife (Jeni), son (Logan), and daughter (Delilah). They are the light and happiness in my eyes, the warmth behind my every smile, and everything amazing in my world.

I've been working in IT for most of my career and have been developing software since 2013. I don't have any formal education in computers, and everything I know is self-taught or was learned on the job. Scripting and programming started as a mere curiosity, which quickly graduated into a career and something more than just a hobby.

My passion for developing was such that I took a voluntary demotion in 2015 in order to officially transition into the development field in another state agency. I've moved upward a couple times since then, and I'm now enjoying my work as an ASP.NET developer at Oregon Department of Transportation.

My goal with Translucency is to continue making free software, geared for both the standard user as well as the IT professional. I intend to make simple, effective tools to automate tasks or simply make life easier on the computer. As my skills in programming increase, I'll attempt bigger and more complicated projects as I think of them.

After that, who knows? With a little dedication and positivity, the sky's the limit, right?!